Bring A Little Sunshine Into Your Life

As Winter arrives and nights grow darker, a natural tan becomes less and less likely so here at Beauty by Zoe, we offer a fantastic Spray tan service which will make you feel fantastic and just like you have stepped off the plane back from an exotic holiday. Maybe you are off to a wedding, a fancy party and simply want to look your absolute best.

Our spray tanning products are FDA approved and give you a safe alternative to looking and feeling great without worrying if the product being airbrushed onto your skin is harmful to yourself. The tan is applied in a very even layer slowing covering your entire body giving a streak free finish which is perfect for celebratory events.

You may be thinking about what the benefits of having a tan applied this way are and I can tell you that it is a hassle free method of achieveing a stunning look, you can enhance your beauty without being exposed to harmful UV sun rays and I will ensure you are comfortable, prepared and that you leave my salon with a gorgeous looking glow.

Other benefits of a spray tan include it gives even coverage, when you sunbathe, you are taking a big chance in ending up with angry sun burn across your nose, ears and shoulders which inevitably doesn’t look good but is also extremely harmful to you skin. Spray tan is immediate, costs little and is much more natural than walking around with odd patches of colour!

Some little tanning facts which may surprise you….

  • Over 50% of men use a fake/spray tan before a party/night out
  • The higher the income in a home, the more likely it is that the people living there use fake tan
  • Despite a recession recently, fake tan companies such as St Tropez actually recorded a 20% increase in sales of their products!!!
  • Lovely Liverpudlian ladies use the most fake tan/spray tan products
  • Way back in the 1920s, Coco Chanel came back from a holiday with sun burn, fans loved the look and a new obsession for tanned skin began.

If you are after a gorgeous, streak free spray tan, visit now, arrange a booking and I will make you comfortable, sun kissed and the envy of your friends!  Remember to like and share our Facebook page, once we hit 250 likes a gift voucher will be awarded to a random winner for the amount of £25.