if i have had my eyelashes/eyebrows tinted in the past do i still require a patch test? YES if you havent had them tinted with beauty by zoe before you will still require a patch test to ensure you wont react to any of the products used. 

if i have had my eyelashes tinted with you before why do i still need a patch test for the LVL treatment? during the lvl treatment we use a lot more products then just the tint and therefore need to ensure you do not have a reaction to any of the products used.
i would like to enhance my eyes but don’t want to damage my natural lashes. What treatment would you recomend? LVL lashes
how long does an eyebrow tint last? up to 6 weeks
will a facial cause me to breakout? we can never guarantee if a facial will break you out. the facials include a deep cleanse and steam and therefore it is a possibility that yes you may get some breakouts.
i am not sure which facial would be best for my skin type, are you able to advise? when you come for the treatment we will be able to analyse and discuss how your skin feels to make sure we choose the best facial for your skins needs
>what facial products do you use? I use skintruth. Skin Truth products are Parabens, Sulphates, Propylene Glycol and Mineral Oil FREE.
how long do gel nails last? up to 3 weeks depending on your life style and how you take care off them
what is the best way to soak off my gel nails? you can soak them off in acetone however i would recommend coming into the salon to have them soaked off to prevent any damage to the natural nails
how should i prepare for a spraytan? to ensure the best out off your spraytan you should ex foliate the night before, come for the treatment without deodorant as this can discolour the tan and bring baggy clothes to wear home.
how long will my spray tan last? depends on your daily skincare routine around 7-10 days
what do i wear for a spray tan? we suggest dark underwear or we can supply disposable knickers
 > how long do my hairs have to be for waxing? approx 1 cm