Beauty By Zoe’s Nail Treatments

Currently, nails are a big business and based on a survey from 2013, women spend over £450 a year on prettying up their talons. Many women would not go out on a night out or a date without having their nails manicured or polished and the average woman in the United Kingdom goes to the salon twice a month!!

The history of artificial nails can be traced back to Egyptian times and ladies in the Ming Dynasty from China wore long artificial nail extensions to distinguish them from the lower classes. Artificial nails were carved or structured from bone, gold, and even from ivory but the original inventor behind the current trend was a simple dentist in 1954 called Fred Slack who broke his fingernail at work and created a cover using material used to strengthen and rebuild customers teeth then wore it as a disguise.

Obviously since then we have come a long way with various techniques being created such as overlays, nail art and the products now being used are of a higher quality and standard ensuring that longevity is attained.

Beauty by Zoe offers manicures, pedicures and also OPI Gel nails which are a fantastic product offering  a stunning look and are a great price. Gel nail varnish can be applied directly onto an artificial nail or extension or straight onto a natural nail.

Gel nails tend to have less odour or strong smell to them  and are much more flexible to use, it can also help to strengthen and protect growth in a natural nail. People sometimes view them as being not as long lasting as acrylics however with the right care and the right knowledge then can last.

When having gel nails removed, it is always best to approach the technician or salon who applied and we at Beauty by Zoe will professionally remove the product for you, please do not try and remove gel nails at home or with a “friend” Some products need soaking in a  specific product remover or buffing off the nail base.

If you are looking for a gorgeous set of talons for a celebration or just want your hands to look and feel great, then give us a call, use the contact form or click on the Book Now option. We look forward to meeting you.

I had my Gel Nails done by Zoe and found not only the service to be first class, but Zoe herself to be very friendly. Will definitely use her again and recommend her to my friends.
Jemima Griggson