Love Those Lashes!!

Here at Beauty by Zoe, we offer an amazing service which is a fantastic alternative to eyelash extensions. Gone are the days of spending hours in a salon having them applied, the smell of the glue and having to take extra care when showering, going out into rain. Eyelash extensions can be difficult to maintain for the busy woman in modern society and if you havent the time to book salon appointments then LVL lashes are the answer!

LVL lashes is a relatively new product which gives length, volume and lift for around six to eight weeks. This is achieved without perming or any extension product, it is simply a revolutionary product which contains a specially formulated silicon shield and a gel formation which lifts your eyelashes right from the roots to give that look of longer lashes and beautiful wide eyes.

(May be a little idea to remember that people who have stubbly or shorter lashes may not be suited to the LVL lashes and we at Beauty by Zoe can offer you our competitively priced eyelash extensions)

Here are some very interesting facts about LVL Lashes:

  • LVL treatments take 45 minutes to apply
  • LVL lasts up to 6 weeks, the natural life cycle of an eyelash. It will simply fade away gradually as each lash ends its natural growth cycle and eventually falls out. LVL offers an anti-ageing effect, brightening & lifting the eye area. LVL is a treatment for your natural lashes and LVL doesn’t curl, frizz or fry your lashes like perming often does, it simply provides a healthy-looking lift. The treatment incorporates a colour boost (eyelash tint) giving an immediate, visible difference. No maintenance and you don’t know a mascara

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We also offer additional eye treatments including eyebrow tint, lash tints and an eye brow shape, check our price list online or call in for more information.