Makeup trends that will dominate this summer

Fashion shows always give us lots of inspiration and a glimpse into upcoming makeup trends. We have put together a few of the looks and ideas that are sure to be sweeping the nation for the next few months.

Purple is without doubt the most popular colour for eye shadow this summer. We are seeing many variations such as pretty lilacs, smoky grapes and retro seventies violet matched with sheer coral lip shades. Purple and its many shades complement all eye colours, so whether you like your shadow subtle or you prefer a more dramatic look, the seasonal choice is definitely the colour purple.

Every lover of red lipstick can rejoice as it has made its return. Every shade of red imaginable has been making an appearance at spring and summer fashion shows, making a vibrant and welcome change to the almost colour free lip trends of autumn and winter of 2014. From orange tints and rustic reddish browns to bold scarlets and deep berry tones, there is a perfect shade of red for every pair of lips.

The recent boom of bold brows is now settling and we are seeing the return of the natural and well shaped eyebrow. The current favoured finishing touch for the brows is a little touch of gold or silver to give them a subtle hint of glamour. If real piercings are not for you there is an easy alternative. Many fashion shows recently featured models sporting drawn on lip rings in dazzling gold liner.

Black eye liner will never go out of style, but as a break away from the traditional cat eye this year’s trend involves wearing it from the middle of the eyes and extended past the outer corners. As an alternative to the retro cat eye, you can keep the line straight and strong for a truly graphic effect. Heavily powdered matte skin is out and dewy complexions are making a comeback, so embrace your natural glow.

If you want to recreate any of these looks or just update your style for this summer, our beautician in Beckenham can help you to do so. We offer a wide range of beauty treatments in our friendly, welcoming and comfortable salon, so give us a call today.