Our top festival style tips

Glastonbury may be over, but as we continue to enjoy the warmer months, the festival season is definitely still in full swing. If you’re heading off to a festival this summer, you might be wondering how you can party the night away and still manage to look great. Here are some of our beauty tips that will keep you looking cool even when you’re temporarily living in a tent.

- You’ll no doubt be enjoying a few drinks, but make sure you counteract the dehydrating effects of alcohol by drinking plenty of water. This will help to keep your skin glowing and ward off the effects of too much partying and too little sleep. Similarly, you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, so don’t forget the sunblock!

- Stock up on dry shampoo. This is a real lifesaver when you don’t have access to regular showers and will keep your hair looking and smelling fresh for longer. It’s also useful for adding texture and volume. You can even take along a stylish bandanna or headscarf if you want to disguise less-than-clean hair and still look on trend.

- Don’t worry too much about coming up with fancy hairstyles; you want to spend your festival experience having fun rather than hunting for a place to plug in your straighteners. Braids, tousled ponytails and top knots are easy, low-maintenance styles that still look great, and you can spice your style up using flowers, ribbons, headbands, and other eye catching hair accessories.

- When you’re at a festival, anything goes, so now is the time to get creative with your look and try out some tricks you may not get to do at home. Coloured glitter eyeshadows will make you stand out, and you could even go all out and draw some pretty designs around your eyes or cheeks using face paint, makeup and stick-on jewels. You can add vibrant colours to your hair without commitment by using hair chalk, which can simply be wiped off. Let your imagination run wild and above all, don’t forget to have fun!

- If you fancy a new look, a waxing treatment or some fun nail art to get you ready for your festival experience, or even a post-festival facial to help get your skin back to its best, make yourself a booking at our beauty salon in Beckenham. We can help you to look and feel fantastic so you can truly make the most of your summer.