Want to be Pampered?

Take yourself away from stress of life and unwind at this beauty haven. Managing family life work or business can be hectic and very stressful even at best of times, therefore we need to pamper our body in order to pull out stress and rekindle ourselves. And we here at BEAUTY BY ZOE are your best pamper friends. We are here to provide you with the most amazing rejuvenation therapies. These therapies will detoxify your body and will render you will a happy fresh mind and body.

Beauty by Zoe is every girl’s best buddy and we work solely according to the whims and fancies of our customers. We give a hundred percent input to give you a glow filled skin and desired results. We are beauty therapy service providers. Ranging from facials to pedicures, we have solution to any distressful problem of your skin. We solely cater for the needs of our customers. Rejuvenation therapy, pre wedding therapy and various other packages are available with us.

PAMPER PACKAGE is our most bought and special treat for our customers. This is a two hour pamper relaxing treatment which includes a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. It is a luxurious therapy that caters to the needs  of every body part.

MASSAGE therapy is a special body massage with the use of aromatic oils that relieves stress from the pressure points of the body. This includes oil being poured on your body and being massaged. It is well known to eliminate stress.  It is beneficial for girls who have longer sitting hours. It is known to remove tension from lower back and shoulders.

FACIAL renders you with a healthy glowing skin. It is beneficial to cure tan and pimple problems. We have varied facials according to your skin type. These range from skin tightening treatment to anti ageing and so on. You name it and we have it. We provide best services for acne and skin pigmentation.

MANICURE and PEDICURE leaves you with healthy and shiny fingertips. We transform your hands and feet into pretty shiny elements. Not only this, we also serve our customers with nail art, nail extension and nail paint facilities. Not only this, we serve treatments for dull or brittle nails. We offer you with cuticle work and massage. Reshape your nails and be a glamorous diva at workplace.

This pamper package is suitable for everyone. It is your key to eliminate stress and tensions. Instead, this package is suitable to everyone.


It is time you connect to BEAUTYBYZOE.CO.UK and book your two hour pamper package. We are here to render you the best possible services. And in addition to this, we provide make up facilities and pre wedding therapies too. “BEAUTY IS ABOUT ENHANCING WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE” and here are BEAUTYBYZOE.CO.UK we help you enhance your beauty and become a glamour princess.

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