The foundations for the perfect makeup bag

If you’re just beginning to dabble in the wonderful world of makeup, it can be difficult to know where to begin. There are thousands of products out there, each one promising to make you look fabulous – but how do you know which ones to go for when you first start assembling your makeup kit? Luckily, our beauticians are here to offer the help and advice you need.

Here are our top tips for the most essential items you should have in your makeup bag. These products will provide the foundations for building your collection. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can move on to investing in some fun and colourful additions to mix up your look.

- Tweezers. Well groomed and defined eyebrows can transform the whole shape of your face and make a real difference to your look. We can provide eyebrow waxing at our beauty salon in Beckenham to give you that initial shaping, but make sure you always have a good quality pair of tweezers on hand to tidy your brows and keep them well maintained.

- Primer. This magic cream will help your makeup to stay flawless for longer by turning your skin into a smooth canvas, ready for any other products you wish to apply.

- Foundation and BB cream. Smooth, beautiful skin is the base for any good look, and these products will help you to achieve that. Foundation provides more heavy duty coverage, BB cream offers more subtle coverage and is ideal for daytime use.

- Powder. Keep shine away with a sweep of translucent face powder.

- Eyeliner. This is essential for defining and outlining your eyes. Go more dramatic with black, choose brown for a subtler daytime look, or experiment with different colours.

- Mascara. The eyes are the focal point of any look, and whether you’re going for natural beauty or full-on glamour, defined eyelashes will open them up and make your eyes stand out.

- Blush. This will give you a healthy glow and freshen your face. There are various options to choose from, including powder, cream and lip and cheek stain, which is great for a natural looking flush of colour.

- Cleanser. It’s important to take your makeup off at the end of the day. A good quality cleaner will swiftly remove your makeup without the need to scrub or damage your skin.